More With Artfest Art Instructor Sabrina Parrish

We introduced Sabrina Parrish on our blog a few days ago with a Q&A interview. Today we are filling in Sabrina's background and her relationship with Artfest.

Sabrina was born and raised in the heart of Collingwood, ON. Her general interests lay in art, cooking and nature. She has been teaching young children as well as adult art classes for the past few years, working in schools, classrooms, galleries and studios.

Sabrina believes that working strong technical skills and historical components into lessons is important. Having said that, she also believes that having fun and being able to express yourself through art is equally as important.

Sabrina started with Artfest Kids in May 2014. She's travelled to the distillery in Toronto, Port Credit and Kingston for Artfest to develop and facilitate children's art programming. Sabrina's arts education started twenty years ago when her mom enrolled her for weekend art classes in Collingwood taught by none other than Artfest's show producer, Lory MacDonald. Sabrina was hooked.

Sabrina continued with classes throughout elementary school. During high school, she was involved with Lory again - only this time the art classes were much more self directed and primarily focused on painting. Lory gathered a group of seven young women and they called themselves the Mona Lisa's. It was a very supportive arts group where they were all encouraged to find our own style; they held informal art critiques and exhibited their art together.

From there Sabrina moved to Oakville to attend Sheridan College where she studied Craft and Design - Textiles. Currently she is back in school working on her teachers degree, teaching at the McClaren Art Gallery in Barrie,  at Artfest and more.

I am a practicing artist and this fall I will be studying for my Bachelors of Education.
— Sabrina - Artfest Art Instructor
Posted on September 5, 2015 and filed under Artfest Kids.