A Wooden Spoon Carver Tells His Story

Artist Statement:

"My Name is Jeff and I carve spoons! But that's not how I would define myself. As stated on my business card, I'm first and foremost a husband, then a loving father, followed by my profession as a woodcarver.

My business Lotsofwoods started off being none other than a quick tutorial from a youtube video, which evolved into an extreme knowledge of woods, techniques, styles and history. My main business is carving traditional style wooden spoons, cups, bowls and various wooden wares. I'm looking for ways of branching off (pun intended!) into other areas to broaden my experience and my connectivity to more people!

My work is my own. I take pride in each and every one of my works and guarantee the life of it! "

Jeff Ballantyne 

About Jeff:

Jeff Ballantyne hand carves spoons, bowls, and other kitchen and eating utensils, all ranging in prices from the lowest being $10 and the highest over $100. They are carved in a traditional manner to replicate a traditional product in the truest possible form.

Each and every one of his products starts from a tree log and end up as the finished product, his hands being the only thing touching it from start to finish. He uses various hand tools, relying on a very sharp edge to my knife to create a clean, handmade product. Each item is finished with a coldpressed linseed oil. Some are painted using a non-toxic, food-safe, milk paint.

Posted on August 31, 2015 and filed under Wood Crafts.