Outside the sweater box with Knit Gallery

Artisan Olga Saras and creator of Knit Gallery Inc. carefully and creatively knits a wide selection of stylish women's apparel for the inner beauty in you. Her knitwear is best described as 'wearing a stunning piece of art' sure to make you feel comfortable yet beautiful at the same time.  Olga's collection of fine hand knit ladies garments and accessories are a must see.  In fact, you'll wish you could walk away with more than one item for your closet.

Olga is recognized across the country for her ingenuity and refusal to let traditional design expectations dictate her knit creations. Born in Moscow, Olga draws inspiration from her former career as a ballet dancer. While at the Moscow Academic College of Choreography, she majored in Classical Ballet and also studied Folk Dancing, Music, Theatre and Art.

In the mid 1980s she joined the Red Army Choir where she excelled in ballet and traditional Russian folk dance. Soon after, she was admitted to the world-renowned Dance Group Berioska, and toured Europe and North America extensively. Her time with the Dance Group provided an opportunity to dabble in costume design. Soon she was designing many of the outfits she and her colleagues performed in. As her dance career was winding down, Olga’s burgeoning interest in fashion led her to enroll in the prestigious Moscow Academy of Design, where she completed the Fashion Design Programme.

While she eventually retired from stage performance, Olga’s future creations would reflect the grace and elegance of classical dance she so adored. After moving to Canada, Olga began to apply her creativity to garment design. Starting with fabrics, she soon found that knits allowed her to express her deep love of form and function as only a dancer could appreciate.

At first, she began by designing sweaters and then expanded her line to include her now famous knit skirts that remain a key component of her collections. Accessories soon followed and she now conceives and creates an ever-expanding range of scarves, shawls and other marvelous accessories that defy definition. Olga’s trademark style is open-weave knits. She selects yarns from around the globe and utilizes innovative techniques to create pieces that often resemble works of art.

Olga is dedicated to her knitting and each piece she makes is carefully thought over and designed using her artful eye.  She has a natural gift for hand crafting such a breathtaking line of original women's fashion clothing.  See for yourself at our final Artfest show and stop over to her booth this Labour Day long weekend at Artfest Toronto set in the Distillery Historic District.   

Posted on August 22, 2015 and filed under Clothing.