The Art of Artfest's Show Producer

Lory MacDonald has been involved in art for as long as she can remember. This year at Artfest Toronto, why not pop over to Lory's booth and say hi to our hardworking, dedicated, and truly talented art show producer? And while you're there, check out her selection of expressive, colourful paintings.

Lory MacDonald's art is continually evolving. The ability to explore techniques, ideas, and create new imagery keeps her art fresh and interesting. Her work has a whimsical 'thread' that ties all the series together.

I use all kinds of materials for texturing - fabrics, plastics, bubble pack, wires, screens, stamps, sand and salt, ink - and when it all settles and dries it makes these fabulous layers and colours. Then I work out the colour composition with layers of glazes and make the composition a live work. I tint all of my lines, making it reminiscent of batiked fabrics and textiles, which I love.
— Artfest Show Producer/Artist, Lory MacDonald

A high energy, creative self-starter, with an artistic knack for arts of all types, Lory is continually tackling new and thought-provoking challenges. This is quite apparent with ALL that she does to produce Artfest Ontario's one of a kind art and craft shows. Lory has extensive training in fine art, graphic design, giftware product design, computer graphics, marketing and advertising. Not to forget to mention, Lory has a knack for working very well with people and she quickly brings out the best in everyone! She is simply encouraging.

Her artwork is colourful, uplifting and energetic, while the process she uses in creating her vibrant pieces is rather complex. All of her imagery comes from either a root or base drawing, derived and inspired by nature. Using her imagination, Lory combines symbols, imagery, and patterns onto a series of drawings. Check out her website and see for yourself just how truly talented Lory really is.  

Lory is passionate about inspiring and promoting artists of all ages, teaching art, and selling her art pieces across Canada, USA and Hong Kong. Her philosophy about life and art is: 'Life without creativity and passion is dull'! This is her motivation to promote artists and artisans from across Canada and to create opportunities for creative people to thrive.

All of Lory's abstract paintings are based on a series of tree drawings she did.  Her choice of names for each painting were thought through as she decided to use latin names related to all things about trees such as branches, leaves and so on.

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll expect to find at Artfest Toronto from Lory's Tree Series:

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