Marie Eve Bordeleau traces impressions left by shells in her work!

Artist Statement:

In my creations, the texture and patterns are ubiquitous. The shell of the sea urchin inspires emotions, feelings and memories. The unique impressions left by the shells symbolize a true story, a trip or an unforgettable moment. By tracing an object into precious materials such as gold or silver, it becomes a reminder of a story that you never want to forget. 

At the start of production, I never know which shape or function the piece will have. The raw forms that result from the impressions are what inspire me to make this kind of jewellery. Rectangular forms allow for rich, expanding textures while circular shapes take us to new places. Every step of imprinting, molding, melting, cutting, welding, sanding, and polishing brings you pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets—complete with the stamp of nature. 

Sterling silver provides brilliance, reminiscent of the reflections of water. At times, I prematurely blacken the jewels to create depth as well as highlight the textures of the lace or marine elements. I choose to add sculpted wood from Québec and other regions to give colour and vivacity to the creations. Soft Mother of Pearl is also sometimes added to the sterling silver, giving a touch of femininity and sophistication while fine nuggets of gold symbolize the wealth of forms in marine life. 

Posted on August 18, 2015 and filed under Jewellery.