The Abbozzo Gallery presents the HOWZIT Art Show & Sale



The HOWZIT Art Show and Sale opens AUG 20TH at 5:30 – 9:00 and runs daily from 11:00 – 5:00 UNTIL AUG 26TH at the Abbozzo Gallery in Toronto.  

Where: 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 128 - Toronto, Ontario,

Contact: 416­-260-­2220 Toll Free: 1­-866-­844-­4481

About the Show:

Voti Thebe is the Regional Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. ChakaChikodziisan Ontario­ based stone sculptor who recently returned from a residency at the National Gallery where he was mentored by Voti.  Chaka is also a returning Artfest exhibitor and we are proud to share his ventures.

The show will include prints, paintings,drawings, and sculpture reflecting intergenerational and cultural identities and the creative forces that shape and form the content of expression. The residency and the ongoing collaboration has been made possible with generous support from the Ontario Arts Council.  Esteemed guest of honour Bushra Junaid,  OAC Outreach and Development Manager, will officiate the show opening.

“Howzit” is taken from the coined everyday township language in Zimbabwe. It is a way of saying hello in a language that is dynamic and alive with gestures and tonal ranges. This exhibition is inspired by the gestures of this creative language found in our homeland.

“Howzit” is a way of leaving footprints in this global village. The work itself is born out the searching souls of the artists.  It will take you to the dusty streets of Harare and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where you will hear the cries of owls, the flattering wings of flying ants a delicacy to the culinary appetites of the locals. The never ending mother and child scenes that dominate the African landscape. The lullaby for the African child, cooing the child to sleep. The never ending day to day chaos of fetching water, fire wood, and bringing the cattle home.

Aluta Continua’ as new trials are brazening out new thinking, new ways of locking horns with the unknown souls in the creative industry.

“Howz it” Sensitivity-awareness of what one sees;

“Howz it” Flexibility-an ability to adapt to new situation and to their possibilities;

“Howz it” Originality-uncommon responses to situations and to solving problems;

“Howz it” Playfulness-essence of humour and ability to experiment freely;

“Howz it” Productivity-the ability to generate ideas easily and frequently, and to

 follow through on those ideas;

“Howz it” Fluency-a readiness to allow the free flow of ideas;

“Howz it” Analytical skill-a talent for exploring problems, taking them apart and

  finding how things work;

“Howz it” Organisational skill-ability to put things back together in logical order.

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