An Artist Biography of John Macpherson

John Macpherson was born in Toronto, Ontario where he still lives and works. He attended and received degrees from Western University and graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design for Graphic Design.

John Macpherson was a money market trader and switched to pursue his true passion in Graphic Design as he founded his own company in 2000. He designed packaging for customers such as Home Hardware, BMC Coaters, China Brush Corp. and Pintar Manufacturing Corp.

Beginning in 2014, John has become a mixed media modern pop art artist. He works mostly in large format using acrylic and oil paints, gesso, and gel mediums. His paintings are characterized by a brash, bold, colourful using pop art elements that aim to emphasize the nature of things popular in our daily routine.

John's use of vibrant colours are clearly reflected in his work and throughout the graphic use of comic books, celebrities and collages.   His work reflects a flavour of classic and modern pop art that makes you reflex and or smile. His visions stem from many years as a professional Graphic Designer when bold colours and graphic elements dictate a bright environment that must grab the consumers eye.

John'a paintings can be found in many different corporate and private collections and in locations around Toronto including modern galleries like i-candy.

John will be exhibiting his mixed media pop art paintings from Sept 4th - 7th at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show which takes place a the Distillery Historic District. See you there!

Posted on August 12, 2015 and filed under Paintings.