Thank you to Atkinson Home Hardware!

Artfest Kingston could not happen without the help of our generous sponsors.  This year, we give a special shout out to Atkingston Home Hardware for their help in making our Family Picnic table project and the 80 foot long mural project lead by Arthur 11 a huge success!

At Artfest Kingston we auctioned off every picnic table that was painted during the festival by both big and small artists!  The tables were based on themes and included a graffiti theme, ocean theme and a farm animal theme, to name just a few!

And the kids mural and 80 foot long mural were both occupied by creative minds throughout the whole festival.  Thanks to Arthur 11 and Kira who led the mural projects.

Thanks again Home Hardware for your partnership with Artfest Kingston!   

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Posted on July 10, 2015 .