Deborah Chandler - Stonewheel thrown pottery at Artfest Toronto!

I love hearing about what makes each ceramic artist’s work distinctive. For Deb Chandler, it’s the surface decoration that makes it really special.

Deb decorates her pieces when the clay is at the leather-hard stage (with a consistency like firm cheese). Sometimes she carves into the clay with metal hand tools, sometimes she using slip-trailing, a process in which watered-down clay is piped like icing through a nozzle to create surface relief, and sometimes she impresses the clay with beautiful objects.

By adding that element of surface texture, the pieces are wonderful to touch and to hold, enhancing the experience of using handmade pieces.

Find Deborah Chandler exhibiting at Artfest Toronto, from Sept. 4th - 7th!  Stop over and grab a functional, hand made pottery piece to add to your home decor.


Posted on August 5, 2015 and filed under Other.