Artfest Show Producer Lory MacDonald inspires us all!

The Artfest team would like to thank our dedicated, talented, and superb show producer, Lory MacDonald.  We all know how much work Lory does to make Artfest as successful and fun as it is and we couldn't thank her more for all that she does in keeping creativity alive!

 Artfest Toronto began eight years ago, Artfest Kingston, four, and new this year, we welcomed, Artfest Port Credit (which will continue on to be amazing as the location is a perfect fit!).

Lory MacDonald's art is continually evolving. The ability to explore techniques, ideas, and create new imagery keeps her art fresh and interesting. Her work has a whimsical 'thread' that ties all the series together.

A high energy, creative self-starter, with an artistic knack for arts of all types, Lory is continually tackling new and thought-provoking challenges.  And this is quite apparent with ALL that she does to produce these one of a kind art and craft shows! Lory has extensive training in fine art, graphic design, giftware product design, computer graphics, marketing and advertising, and has, for as long as she can remember, been involved in art.  

Her artwork is colourful, uplifting and energetic, while the process she uses in creating her vibrant pieces is rather complex.  All of her imagery comes from either a root or base drawing, derived and inspired by nature. Using her imagination, Lory combines symbols, imagery, and patterns onto a series of drawings.  Check out her website and see for yourself just how truly talented Lory really is.

Lory will be showcasing her work (and hosting) at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show at the Distillery Historic District so be sure to thank her for her inspiration, positive vibes and continued creativity in the arts!

See you soon!