Stonewater Studios exhibiting at Artfest Toronto!

About Kim

Kim is a graduate of Advertising and Design, with a lifelong love for colour, texture, and style. She has an unbridled passion for producing unique and striking pieces and is drawn to simple beauty. She describes herself as a self-taught visual artist, including photography and acrylic painting, and constantly looks for new sources of inspiration. She owns her own company, Stonewater Studios Design, which encompasses all of her talents into Interior and Graphic Design. Working together as a team with her husband Walt, they are motivated by their surroundings.

About Walt

After years in the sales business, Walt is jumping into the creative industry. He has always been a handy guy so working with his wife Kim, has taken on a life of it's own. Renovating with Stonewater Studio is something he enjoys as well as this new venture expanding his creativity. With a great sense of proportion and style, he enjoys developing his creative side.

Stonewater Studios at Artfest Port Credit 2015 

Stonewater Studios at Artfest Port Credit 2015 

Find Kim and Walt Blake at Artfest Toronto showcasing their fun, one of a kind pencils and exhibiting acrylic paintings on canvas.

Posted on July 21, 2015 and filed under Paintings.