From 1-4 Daily - The Easel Invasion at Artfest Kingston!

Artfest Easel Invasion ~ Daily, from 1pm - 4pm - an experience you'll never forget!!
Easel Invasion
22 art easels are set up and ready for you to paint on in the park so you can experience painting En Plien Air. Led by one of our talented Wallacks artists, you will be guided through a step by step lesson on composing your masterpiece!

Easel Invasion Offerings......You'll find a  100 16x20" stretched canvases and acrylic Art Noise paint from Tri Art, brushes, palettes, rags and water buckets to contribute to our Easel Invasion project. There is also 10 small tables for setting materials on for two artists to share at the same time. Or palette knives and a jug of matt medium if someone wants to add in a collage element.

Each day at Artfest we have a theme so participants can use reference material and 'painting in the style of' a selection of artists based on the theme day. 
July 1 - Canada Day- Celebrating Canadian Landscapes ( group of seven possibly)
July 2 - Francophone Day- Celebrating French Canadian Artists
July 3- Youth Day- Celebrating Graffiti Art, Manga Art?
July 4 - USA Day- Celebrating USA artists...Pop Art?

Visitors to Artfest may be curious and a bit hesitant and shy to try our Easel Invasion project; however, our Artfest Team encourages everyone to help and participate. We NEED your creative talents to participate and all artists may take their painting home or, feel free to donate it for a fundraising auction for the Shriner's Children's Hospital.

We are looking forward to seeing the end results and raising money for our Shriner's Hospital for children!  See you soon!!

Posted on July 1, 2015 .