THE ROCKERFELLAS ~ Performing on July 4th (USA Day) at Artfest Kingston

USA Day Performance at Artfest Kingston - The Rockerfellas Live!

Formed in 1988, THE ROCKERFELLAS have been bringing joy and celebration through music at live venues throughout the Ottawa Valley. Clubs, private parties, festivals and celebrations of all types are rockin’ to this high-powered, professional band made up of guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and percussion. They are performing at Artfest Kingston on July 4 at 2:30 - 4:30pm.

Band members are:
    •    Grant Tomkinson,  bass, lead vocals and songwriter.  Grant is the band's founder.  His upbeat, energetic and charismatic performance style is one of the band's strongest assets. Grant is also the bassist for Ottawa's Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo,  and the driving force behind the legendary Wilno Tavern blues nights for the last 16 years.  Grant has toured extensively in the US, playing in California, New York State and Altantic City. A prolific and gifted songwriter,  Grant's original tunes showcase the rockier side of the band.
    •    Peter Brown, piano, organ, lead vocals, songwriter.  Peter is very much in demand in Ottawa and the valley as arguably the strongest all-round keyboard player in the area.  Known for his inspired and virtuosic solos, Peter was a member of Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo for 17 years.  He has also toured with ex-Rolling Stone Mick Taylor and Canadian blues legend Dutch Mason.  His keyboard work is featured on dozens of local CDs including those of songwriters Brock Zeman, Brea Lawrenson and Terry Mcleish, as well as three CDs under his own name.  Another gifted songwriter, Peter's tunes showcase the bluesy/jazzy side of the band.
    •    Larry Wayne Church, guitar, backup vocals, songwriter.  Larry plays with great dexterity and passion.  His bluesy guitar solos are another of the band's best features.  Larry is another well-established veteran of the Ottawa music scene,  having previously worked with well-known Ottawa blues bands Wicked Grin and Shameless Blues.
    •    Tom Martel, drums and backup vocals. Tom is a uniquely “groovy” drummer, which means that he is much in demand in the local rock and country scenes. . Tom has worked with Jack DeKeyser, Freddy Roulette, Jerome Godbout, Steve Pittico,and recently toured North America and Australia with the theatre production, Grievous Angel, the Legend of Gram Parsons.
    •    James States, percussion and backup vocals.  James solid percussion work, combined with Tom's flashy drumming really gives a rhythmic sparkle to the Rockerfellas.  James has played with the Rockerfellas off and on since the beginning, as well a number of other bands in the upper Ottawa Valley, including opening for Leahy and Paul Brandt.

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