A Note from Coy Depot:

Hi there,

Lisa here. I'm a Toronto-based designer of super fun t-shirts, napkins, tea towels and pillows (though I was an amateur comic for a few years, and once even "ran" a snack trolley in a Bingo Hall. Long story.)

My designs are funny, sweet and really well made.  The t-shirts are manufactured right here in Scarborough from delicious bamboo.  As much as I can, I source my materials locally and up-cycle vintage fabric whenever I can.

I started this business four years ago (first incarnation: Coy Clothes). It was born out of the need to create funny shirts that weren't marketed to 20-year-olds. No offense to the un-wrinkled, I just found when it came to fit, comfort and humour the 30-plus market was left out.

In four years, I've changed the name: Depot more closely fits the general store vibe I want to create and I've added two people to my crew: Charlotte and Grace. They do the bulk of the sewing and are outstanding at their craft. I still do some of the sewing and handle all the silk-screening and re-write all the copy for the retro ads and come up with new stuff to make.

I'm constantly scouring the Internet, thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets in search of all things retro, vintage, ironic, sweet and bizarre for inspiration.

When I'm not working, I'm hanging with my two kids, my husband and my pug Curly dreaming of my next "Thursday Night Snack Plate."



Check out Lisa's blog: Coy Depot Blog and find her exhibiting at Artfest Kingston, from July 1st - 4th!  See you all at the show!  

Posted on June 3, 2015 and filed under Clothing, Other.