Y. Stern - Jewelry Designer at Artfest Kingston!

Yaïr Stern (pronounced YAH-EER) was born on the beautiful green mount of Carmel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. His being suggests jewelry: a tall and firm-minded person, yet very gentle and amiable man; just like jewelry: made of sturdy material yet fine and delicate. His name means ‘shining star’; one would imagine that becoming a jeweler would be natural for one baring such a name, but Yaïr had other plans.

Yair became a mathematician and studied for a degree in mathematics in The Technion the prestigious technical school, overlooking the Haifa Bay. Between one Q.E.D. and another he made beautiful yet simple jewelry with basic tools. He sold his jewelry to earn a living. At the end of his studies he had a large collection and decided to sell it all so he can continue with a second degree.

But his customers returned for more and Yaïr had no choice and began teaching himself the complex, difficult and fascinating craft of a jeweler. His first love was silver; it was less conservative but the color, shade, shine, feel of the metal and the lack of pretentiousness appealed to him. He returns to his first love often, but in those 20 years - he has designed with all precious metals and gemstones.

Creating the difference!
— Y. Stern

Yaïr Stern owns an acclaimed gallery in Israel and sells to galleries & museum shops across the US, Canada, Australia and Israel. He creates your favourite jewelry in his studio in the Toronto area, Canada.

Posted on June 24, 2015 and filed under Jewellery.