Practical Metal Art exhibiting at Artfest Kingston!

Practical Art by Michael McNeil was established in 1992.  The vast majority of their pieces are fabricated using a MIG welder.

They also use various industrial benders and tools as well as lots of elbow grease. After a piece is completed, it is cleaned/polished and sent to be industrially powder coated. Afterwards, they apply automotive paints using a hand held airbrush for any of the pieces that require additional colour.

Practical Art has a team of three talented artisans working together to create unique metal art.

In their words......

"Practical Art was established over 20 years ago. We started by manufacturing unique modern furniture and a few smaller pieces to help accent the furniture. It was quickly realized that these smaller accent pieces were more widely appreciated by our customers.

After this revelation we switched our focus to creating and enhancing these smaller pieces for both interior and exterior applications, and often with some form of practicality as well. Practical Art continuously strives to improve every aspect of our artwork, resulting in new and unique pieces every year. We attend many high level art and craft shows across Canada." 

Posted on June 22, 2015 and filed under Wall Art, Other.