Poets at Artfest Kingston!

This Canada Day long weekend in Kingston, Ontario, from July 1 - 4 - visit the Poets @ Artfest Tent for a chance to meet some well known writers and poets!

The Poets @ Artfest Tent,  a welcome new addition to Artfest Kingston in 2015, has daily readings from 10am - 6pm.

Poets @ Artfest will offer a place for guests to come in to browse through a selection of books, chapbooks and zines. Poets and other writers will be on hand at the Poetry Tent during the festival so stop over, say hi and enjoy the readings.

There will be a full slate of readings throughout each of the four days, both scheduled and on-the-spot. The scheduled reading times along with the featured poets’ names will be posted outside the tent each day. Featured readings will be delivered by both local poets and those coming from other cities in Ontario and Quebec.

On-the-spot or pop-up reading times will be both announced and spontaneous to allow interested guests a chance to participate. We welcome anyone to come in and share some of their own work, or perhaps a bit of their favourite poetry. The tent, of course, welcomes anyone who is curious, or interested in either chatting or hearing what will be very eclectic readings.

Bruce Kauffman, a Kingston poet, created and organized this event. If you have questions or are interested in participating please email him at bruce.kauffman@hotmail.com with ‘Poets @ Artfest’ in the subject line.

Here's a list of talented Poets to be appearing at Artfest Kingston:

Alyssa Cooper, Armand Ruffo, Bob Mackenzie, Brenda Leifso, Brent Raycroft, Carole Tenbrink, Carolyn Smart, Catherine Graham , Chantel Lavoie, Chris Turnbull, Czandra, Dave Pratt, Elizabeth Greene, Eric Folsom, Erika Lamon, Eugene Cornacchia, Gabrielle Santyr, Heather Roberts Cadsby, Ian Burgham, Jeanette Lynes, Jennifer Londry, Jess Rowland, John Donlan, Julia Blythe, Kathy Figuero , Leslie Saunders, Mike Willaims, Nel Coloma Moya, Nikki Clementine, Patrick Connors, Paul Chaput, Paul Kelley, Ron Chase, Sarah B Wiseman, Simone Sutherland, Tara Kainer, Tim Duncan, Tim Murphy.

(Start times are firm, but end times are approximate.) 

WED, July 1
11am – Noon – Paul Kelley, Elizabeth Greene, Brent Raycroft, and John Donlan
1-2pm – Alyssa Cooper, Dave Pratt, Brenda Leifso and Susan Olding
3-4pm – Jennifer Londry, Sarah B Wiseman, Jason Heroux, and Carolyn Smart
5pm – Unscheduled time for open mic, spontaneous poetry, or time to browse and chat

THURS, July 2
11am – Noon – Ron Chase, Nikki Clementine, Raissa Simone, Joshua Brennan, and Laura Dyer
1-2pm – Paul Chaput, Nel Coloma Moya, Chris Turnbull, and Alicia E Cumming
3-4pm – Kathy Figueroa, Carole TenBrink, Anne Graham and Bob MacKenzie
5pm – Unscheduled time for open mic, spontaneous poetry, or time to browse and chat

FRI, July 3
11am-Noon – Jess Rowland, Julia Blyth, Leslie Saunders, and Simone Sutherland
1-2pm – Heather Roberts Cadsby, Bethmarie Michalska, Allan Briesmaster, and Bruce Kauffman
3-4pm – Chantel Lavoie, Jeanette Lynes, Catherine Graham, and Ian Burgham
5pm – Unscheduled time for open mic, spontaneous poetry, or time to browse and chat

SAT, July 4
11am –Noon – Mike Williams, Michelle K Allan, Tim Murphy, and Eric Folsom
1-2pm – Czandra, Erika Lamon, Eugene Cornacchia, Coreen Covert, and Tara Kainer
3-4pm – Patrick Connors, Clara Langley (tent), Hannah Ellsworth, Tim Duncan, and Armand Ruffo
5pm – Unscheduled time for open mic, spontaneous poetry, or time to browse and chat



Posted on June 30, 2015 .