A Profile of Jean Francoeur of JG Fine Woodworking

Jean-Gilles Francoeur

Fine Woodworking Artisan exhibiting at Artfest Kingston, Canada Day long weekend! From July 1st - 4th at the beautiful and picturesque City Park in Kingston!

Artist Statement:

Most of my designs are inspired by the medium itself.  The organic elements of the material will often dictate the direction I take with the creation of the artwork. I favour simple and modern designs that emphasize the raw character of the wood. I love to combine different species and work with shapes, textures and colors to highlight the natural beauty of each piece.

Artisan's Words:

Born in 1953 in Casselman, Ontario, I come from a long line of woodworkers.

Self-taught, I have perfected cabinetwork over the last 25 years and have become passionate about woodturning in the last 13 years. Woodworking has always been a hobby for me, complementing my professional careers as a high school teacher in Vancouver and a cultural program manager for the Government of Canada in Ottawa.

Since 2002, I was awarded various prizes at the Valley Wood turners Competition, one of which being “Best of Show” in 2004. On a few occasions, I have contributed to the Government of Canada bank of presents for foreign dignitaries.

In 2005, I was featured on CTV’s program Regional Contact. I was also featured in The Star local newspaper in December 2003 and The Citizen newspaper in November 2004.

I have exhibited my work in various municipal and commercial galleries in the Ottawa region:  Art Mode Gallery (2003-05), Carlen Gallery (2003-04), City of Ottawa juried exhibitions (2003-04), City of Ottawa solo exhibition (2005), Snapdragon Gallery (2005-08), Holly Hocks Gallery (2005-07), Museum of Civilization (featured turner in Feb. 2007).

Every year I participate in a few arts and craft festivals around Ottawa and Kingston and I am now an Etsy.com seller. I have been enjoying increased success in those venues. My products include functional and decorative bowls of all sizes, vases, containers, cutting boards and my signature driftwood pieces.

Posted on June 11, 2015 .