Tissage MaGeLy Weaving: Hand-made & Traditional!

Gerald and Lyne Levesque are both traditional weavers, Gerald since 1973 and Lyne since 1988.  They are the second generation of weavers in their family.

How their business-name arose:

The name of the company ''Tissage MaGeLy Weaving'' represents the 2nd generation, ''Ma'' is Gerald mother ''Marie Paule'' who weaved for an astonishing 58 years.  ''Ge'' is Gerald the son and ''Ly'' is Lyne Gerald wife and partner.

About the McGeLy's Passion for Weaving:

Manual weaving is Gerald and Lyne's true passion.  They thoroughly enjoy working with different colours and intricate patterns. They create, design and produce their work in private workshops and work closely with their customers to help them find the perfect colours for their own creations.  

They are quick to follow trends and always ready to start new challenges!  These creative partners thrive in producing traditional hand-woven art masterpieces for all occasions and will be exhibiting at our upcoming Artfest Port Credit show.

Exhibiting from May 29th to 31st!  See you all at the show!


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