Stained Glass Magick exhibiting at Artfest Kingston!

Mosaic Stained Glass Art by: Deb Monteith

The Artist's Thoughts:

I am a stained glass artisan from the Niagara Region. What began as a hobby over 27 yrs ago has turned into a full-time occupation and a labour of love. Since no two pieces of art glass are identical, items created are unique in their construction and personally handcrafted.

In addition to working with glass, I love to add natural findings to my work, such as shells, stones, gemstones, geodes, etc. I am especially fond of crystals that can give an item that added sparkle with the coloured rainbows they project. I also work with glass/cement to create various outdoor décor pieces. I encourage all to celebrate life through art, explore the magick of colour, and enjoy!

Kindest Regards, Deb Monteith

Posted on June 26, 2015 and filed under Wall Art, Glass.