Biography of Eva Ivanov-Gooderham

Biography of Eva Ivanov:

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada, educated at York University for a BA in Geography and Physical Education, but completed a full time corporate career, supporting leaders in Canada's financial industry where structure and conservative convention dominated the day in insurance and banking environments.

In addition to becoming a watercolour painter, Eva is always seeking to express and utilize creativity at every corporate marketing opportunity, and concurrently nourished another spirit in the world of music, dance, and theatre arts for almost 20 years in community and professional theatre - directing large robust productions at Markham Theatre and other Rural and Urban centres. 

The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, Dracula the Musical,  to award winning productions in One-Act Play festivals, also obtaining Best Director awards and several nominations by Act-Co, Eva continues to combine her love for music and theatre with watercolour painting.  Earlier years included dance and performance experience with the Estonian folk dance troupe called "Kungla" in Toronto, offering formative learning, dance and travel opportunity overseas as well.

Musical background and education includes Royal Conservatory Grade 10 in piano, accordion, guitar, and clarinet  -- all wonderfully creative experiences transitioning to expression in watercolour painting.

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