Colleen Poitras exhibiting at Artfest Port Credit!

Colleen Poitras envelopes an original style sensibility with her use of materials, marrying leather with metals, crystals and semi precious stones.

Growing up with a seamstress mother and working with various designers early on, allowed for an appreciation of fashion in its many forms. Following up with jewellery studies at George Brown and The Mississauga Centre for the Arts, furthered that love of design, giving confidence and voice to what is known as a very distinctive, original, reflective jewellery and accessories line.

Fashion and art go hand in hand. Photography is a natural extension of what is created as wearable art.  Changing the look of a photo, adding verbiage, it all comes down to the visaul arts...and visual is such an innate part of these creations.

Posted on May 25, 2015 and filed under Other, Jewellery.