Charles Wakefield ~ Captures Ontario Landscapes!

Painting is about capturing light and form. It doesn’t matter which medium I choose nor the subject matter. I want the viewer to feel the essence of what I am painting.
— Charles Wakefield

Artist - Charles Wakefield showcasing his work at Artfest Port Credit!

Thoughts from the Artist:

"I have always enjoyed the outdoors, which I think is natural in Canada, since we have so much of it. When I can, I try to get out in our northern woods to capture nature’s beauty, but we also have a lot of pretty wonderful scenery right here in Toronto. As a sailing enthusiast, I have sailed in Lake Ontario, off Toronto’s Cherry Beach, Toronto Island and Humber Bay for many years. I have also spent many weekends during the off-season trying to capture the movement of the waves with my brush and palette knife.

There is not so much topographic relief down by Lake Ontario, so, I content myself with painting the water and the sky. The sky is never the same for more than a few moments, while the water is rarely still – unless it is frozen. Attempting to capture the motion of these scenes breaths life into my paintings and inspires me to do more.

In addition to painting Canada’s landscape, I enjoy painting rustic industrial spaces, mills and historic places. These spaces are becoming harder to find and access more than a bit of a challenge, especially for a Plein Air painter. Got to paint quick!"

Posted on May 24, 2015 and filed under Paintings.