Gourmet Food ~ an Artfest tradition!

Artfest Toronto at the Distillery Historic District will be overflowing with scrumptious food to tantalize your taste buds. From comfort food to the decadence of French Fusion cuisine, you'll discover a collection of fine restaurants lining the courtyard at Artfest.  All within walking distance of the show, Artfest will also be featuring Gourmet Food artisans so you may take home one of a kind gourmet food treasures.

Artfest Toronto visitors absolutely love food!  And, that is why we have gathered a delightful group of gourmet food artisans to showcase their food. As you stroll through the art exhibits this Victoria Day long weekend, you will be enticed to sample, and likely purchase, many delicious treats!

Transform your own dishes by using the secret recipes offered at some of our Artfest Toronto gourmet food booths.  Produced in small batches and using top quality ingredients, Artfest artisan foods continue to be a favourite! Stock up on your preferred condiments and sauces and try something new, too!  Spectacular hot sauces, jams, pickles, mustard's and spreads (to name a few selections available)......no worries if you develop an addiction - these food artisans all have websites to ship and replenish your stash! 

Visit our Artfest Toronto food exhibitors websites below:

Pepperbrew Hot Sauce

Sprucewood Cookies

Ednas Pickles

Carmichael Meats

Bruce County Nut & Fudge 

Backyardigan Food Truck

Beaver Tails

View the slideshow below to see our amazing Artfest Toronto gourmet food exhibitors!  

When: May 19 - 21 ~ 2018 (Victoria Day Weekend)

Show times: 11am to 6pm, daily

Posted on May 1, 2018 and filed under Gourmet Food.