Vladimir Gorodkne performs at Artfest!

At 7 years of age Vladimir Gorodkne was first introduced to a musical instrument that became his loyal friend forever. This traditional Belarusian instrument is called the Tsimbaly and is played by plucking or striking the strings.

Vladimir will be performing at our upcoming Artfest Toronto show so listen for the sounds of this delicate and majestic instrument - clearly an instrument that is one of a kind! This outstanding musician, as a part of an ensemble of folk instruments, took part on two countrywide competitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in 1974 and 1975 respectfully.

More about Vladimir:

While in the army, Vladimir Gorodkne took an active part in a creative life of his army reserve. He plays in a dance and chorus as well as in an army pop group, where he takes a role of a drum player. That is when he accepts an invitation to work for the National Instrumental Ensemble of the Radio and Television of Belorusia, to play as a soloist on the Tsimbaly and drums. From this moment on starts the most interesting part of his life.....

With the Ensemble of the Radio and Television of Belorusia, Vladimir recorded over 120 soloist compositions on his Tsimbaly , as well as made numerous appearances on National Television. One of the most interesting side of the concert life, Vladimir thinks, is traveling to other countries.

He has toured over 20 countries on numerous occasions giving performances on stages of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique to name a few.  Since 1997, Vladimir Gorodkin and his family live in Toronto, Canada.  In Canada, Vladimir continues to work as a musician.

Drop by his booth and purchase one of his CD's and take some time to listen to the traditional sounds of the Tsimbaly - A unique cultural experience unlike any other.


Posted on July 31, 2015 and filed under Artfest Music.