May Is Photography Month~ Artfest Celebrates Our Talented Photographers!

Artfest presents a number of Canada’s top photographers. You will find gorgeous landscapes, portraits and travel shots. Many of us take shots with our cameras, and capture some good ones occasionally. But nothing compares to what a professional photographer can create with their vast experience and knowledge of lenses, lighting, composition and having ‘the eye’ for a great image. Then they take it another step, transforming it into photographic art in the dark room or by using computer graphics. Need I say more…..behold this sampling of what Artfest has to offer in photography for 2015.

 Photograhers: Jim Seaton, Shirley Brigden, Annette Seip, Dave Jenkins, Hans Backer, Melissa Kristensen-Smith, Evgueni Strok

Posted on May 10, 2015 and filed under Photography.