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Kathy Anderson, Forks & Fashion (

"I love recycling and up-cycling antique silverware into jewellery and fashion accessories for so many reasons. I'm glad I can play a little part in helping our environment. I love the idea of taking someone's personal silverware and making memory pieces from it so they can wear and use it instead of stuffing a chest of silver in a cupboard and forgetting about it.

What a great way to bring family memories to life every day! I enjoy supporting small business and handmade throughout our communities, province and worldwide. You have to be so very disciplined to run your own small business. You have to get out of bed each morning and do your production work, do your bookkeeping, do your social media work, research, design, create, order and package and label. The days are long! Preparing for a show can be grueling but it can also bring a rush of adrenalin. Even though it's hard work, I adore what I do!"

Kathy Anderson will be exhibiting her unique, vintage flatware jewellery this weekend at Artfest Toronto.  

Posted on September 5, 2015 and filed under Jewellery, Green Art.