Alice Beads Beautiful Things

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Jeweller Alice Chik takes beading to another level. She carefully crafts beautiful pieces of wearable art using semi-precious stones, crystals and fine sterling silver. She is exhibiting at Artfest Toronto so stop over to her booth and pick out that perfect, special gift.

Additionally, Alice creates stunning and unique ceramic sculptures. Each piece is completely usable and practical. Her collection includes serving dishes, trays, teapots and more. Alice's imagination truly shines through in her ceramic you can see from this Tea Service Set.

Alice's Words:

"Despite having an idea and plan of execution in mind, the natural beauty of the beads always take life of their own. The end result is often an unexpected, yet striking piece of jewelry. 
This constantly evolving journey of spontaneous creativity gives life to my pieces, and meaning to my life."

Visit Alice's website to learn more about her stunning beadwork. 


Posted on August 9, 2015 and filed under Jewellery.