Margi Laurin's Vivid Paintings Exhibited at Artfest Kingston!

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas!

Margi Laurin paints vivid, eye-catching paintings using acrylic as her medium.  Her paintings are sure to catch your eye while reminding  you of the true nature of relaxing in a canoe on the water.





Most of her paintings are of red canoes with some of her collection including digital shots. There is something truly intriguing about a red canoe.  Does it remind you of Canada?  Or perhaps it reminds you of the traditional canoe dating back to when natural dyes were used to colour the canoe.

Did you know that canoes were developed over the course of thousands of years by the native peoples of North America?  The actual word 'canoe' originated for the work 'kenu;, meaning dugout.

Wonder why Margi paints red canoes? Here's her story:

"Why do I paint red canoes? I paint what I love, I love canoes. And canoeing, and building canoes, and repairing canoes. Oh, and also actually painting the canoe itself.

I love their shape and their contours and the way the ribs create strength. I love their colour, especially if they are red. When I canoe , mostly along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, I have a view of different angles of this magnificent boat, the inside curve along the stem-band, the way the paddle looks when I rest to take its picture.

These are the images that I paint. I hope my viewer can take a moment and imagine the smell of a canoe’s varnish on a hot summers day, or the sound of the loons in the evening, or the dipping of the paddle on a calm lake in August."

Drop by Margi's Booth in Kingston and say hi!  

Posted on April 10, 2015 and filed under Paintings.