Visual Artist ~ Denise Buisman Pilger ~ Artfest Kingston

About Denise:

Denise Buisman Pilger's work reflects her love of photography, painting and travel configured into graphic pseudo-realities of everyday life filtered through her own whimsical creative lens.

Her tableaux are bustling pastiches of architectural elements and city life, arranged at unusual angles, irregular scale and not necessarily in their true-to-life configuration. Inspired by her globe-trotting experiences, which have been numerous and frequent, her cityscapes are at once recognizable, yet somehow -surreal.

Her creative process involves digital photo manipulation, image transfer, acrylic photomontage, and acrylic paints/mediums, and other innovative techniques. Working in a variety of scale, Denise creates panels that are graphic, contemporary and yet somehow nostalgic. Often her pieces are black and white with minimalist colour accents, while others abound with colour - her visual vocabulary always unique and always authentic.

Although currently based in Montréal, visual artist Denise Buisman Pilger is a frequent globetrotter, taking each relocation as an opportunity to explore the world, gathering inspiration for her urban photo-collages along the way. Exhibiting and selling her work prolifically in North America and Europe over the past several years, Denise has proudly exhibited her work at the 2011 Salon de la Société nationale des beaux-arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, and at Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho, New York City. Her creative practice spans more than decade, beginning with several years as a professional graphic designer and art director for print media, both in Europe and North America. 

Posted on March 9, 2015 .