Artfest Artist Cole Talbot is in the news again! Entrepreneur of the year in Norfolk!

Cole Talbot ,owner of Iron Oak Designs, exhibited at Artfest Kingston last summer and met some amazing connections. His art career has taken some very interesting leaps forward. Kudos to Cole for taking advantage of these opportunities and following up on all the leads.

Just 2 weeks ago he was awarded with the "Norfolk' s Entrepreneur of the Year" award "which is a pretty big deal where I live!" Cole said. In the last 2 weeks, he was featured in two of the county's big newspapers! (Simcoe Reformer, and the Norfolk News). (see link above)

Also, just this week he had the honour of presenting more of his steel Canadian Flags that he created to more Military Personnel... which is pretty exciting! He had been working with a not-for-profit service called the  "Poppy  Memorial Program".  They have been using his unique hand forged metal Flags as a part of their program. About 150 of the flags has been given out on their behalf! Now his Flags are on display tthroughout Canada and the USA! Some of his Flags have even found their way into museums, and one was even presented to the Prime Minister as a gift!

"All of this started because of lasts years Artfest in Kingston!" Cole said.


Posted on February 16, 2015 .