Sheila Thompson~Artist Maker of Felt

Exhibiting at Artfest Toronto August 29-September 1 2014 Booth E3 on Gristmill Lane

Sheila Thompson is a Toronto-based felt artist, researcher, and at heart a biogeographer (the study of the distribution of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time). Sheila was trained as a tropical plant biogeographer/ecologist (Ph.D. 1984), and in 2004 she began her self-guided journey to express herself artistically in fibre art. In the intervening years she worked at IBM in market intelligence. Her art carries her back to her days as a scientist and evokes memories of the fields and foothills in Canada, Africa and the Caribbean where she worked. 

Sheila’s medium is fine wool and silk felt created using the wet felting method exclusively. She has developed a distinct original style through extensive experimentation that draws on her scientific interpretation of landscapes as layers of pattern, process, landform and habitat. The use of strong colours, intricate surface detail, silk finishes and the incorporation of unusual organic materials, paper and Japanese fibres are characteristic of her work. She creates abstract landscapes of fields and foothills, urban landscapes of bus stops and sidewalks, 3-D middens and explorations of the many styles of writing using bark and quills.
Her work is mainly in private collections in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. 

She published a book of her felt landscapes called “Felting the Land: Landscapes in Felt” in 2010. Sheila's website.

Posted on August 21, 2014 .