Portrait of an Artisan ~ Masterpiece

Artist's Biography:

Paul knew at the early age of 15 that his passion was working with wood. He loves to create and work with wood everyday using his favourite tool, the bandsaw.

Paul enjoys cutting curves and working with wood such as walnut and cherry. After he has created his piece of work, he prides himself in looking at it and observing its overall smoothness.

Paul also enjoys creating his well known mini wonky jewellery boxes. In his hometown he is known as the "wonky man". Mostly because he likes building things that are curvy and crooked and that's exactly how he build his wonky furniture.

Each mini wonky is dated, signed by Paul Szewc, numbered and ledgered. The mini wonkies can be found in over 21 countries. In addition to his wonkies, Paul keeps very busy creating a selection of other types of unique furniture pieces including custom tables, crazy cutting boards, chairs, stools, coasters, slider boxes, kitchen utensils and his newest addition, wooden game boards. My trademark signature with the keys and the "soccer ball plugs" are becoming increasingly popular.

All of Paul's work is signed. His gallery is even signed on the building!   Check him out at the Toronto show!!


Posted on August 21, 2014 .