Portrait of an Artist ~ Lory MacDonald

Lory MacDonald's love for the arts is quite apparent through her many years of dedicated involvement with the arts community, her own art ventures, creations and, most of all, her production of ArtFest Toronto and Artfest Kingston.  As the art show producer, Lory's ideas and passion for art are evolving constanting while she presents continual high quality juried art & craft shows on summer long weekends at the Distillery District.

The ability to explore techniques, ideas, and create new imagery keeps Lory's art fresh and interesting. Her work has a whimsical 'thread' that ties all the series together.Lory's artwork is colourful, uplifting and energetic, while the process she uses in creating her vibrant pieces is rather complex.  All of her imagery comes from either a root or base drawing, derived and inspired by nature. Using her imagination, Lory combines symbols, imagery, and patterns onto a series of drawings.

Her approach to the festival's results in a visually enticing event for the public.

PLUS, Lory is excited to announce the launching of a brand new ArtsEvent Magazine in 2015. Watch for details on the www.artfestontario.com website. 



Posted on August 18, 2014 .