Portrait of an Artisan ~ Aurora Dokken

Aurora Dokken views her work as performance art using the interplay of transient and dynamic light in much the same way as a musical composition structures time, sound and symbol, layering gesture and repetition until a unified whole is produced. 

Her early work was concerned with two very different styles of composition, one that was imitative, for the purpose of the restoration of historical pieces originally made by others and a contrasting style, the other, work influenced by the work and writings of composers such as John Cage: work that aimed to be aleatoric or improvisational in nature, sometimes with the aim of drawing attention to something other than itself.

Aurora’s Words:

“I have gone through several stages, from basing my work entirely on mathematical formulae, especially relating to proportion, to a way of working that looks back at my old work, but through a series of profiles, something akin to how we view the background profile images of the little ballerinas that turn around in some mirrored jewellery boxes. At the moment I am playing with the idea of repetition and looping, inspired by the music of Terry Riley.

I am constructing pieces by small repetitions, each one changing only a little, layering of gesture upon gesture, one upon the other upon the other, looping back to the original gesture and through series of subtle changes in each repetition, in an effort to create glass works that present as polyphony and for which the process is a visible part of the composition.

Each and every piece of Aurora’s blown glass jewellery is unique and a singular, one of a kind piece of wearable art.



Posted on August 18, 2014 .