Portrait of an Artist~Diana Rosa

Artist Statement:

My paintings are visual records of nature’s cycles of growth and decay. It has a biomorphic shape; natural in origin, simple and voluptuous. I combine the random actions of painting with controlled, deliberate mark-making to describe each form, which is often human, floral, abstract or plantlike in structure. The energy and application of the surface is important as I build multiple layers of rich pigments and I feel that it is important to be spontaneous and raw. I try to allow the images to reveal themselves to me as much as possible while I push to abstract line, color and form.

I use acrylic mediums on canvas. Striving to paint in modest and uncomplicated manners, no rules are exercised. I paint freely and apply colors according to the content of the subject matter. I paint what I feel and choose subjective themes based on the daily experiences affecting everyone's lives. I try to depict a common thread that we universally experience.

I belief in the rich artistic possibilities of any solid form, defined by the interaction and illusions of several colors.

I could say that I intimate a certain relationship between physical and psychological space in my work, because in a sense that is true. But my approach to make a painting is much more comfortable, intuitive, and personal than that. And so, the result of this visual investigation—the painting itself—reflects that process. I am most interested in extracting singular experiences from nature’s endless cycles, and in transforming the public world of nature into a place of private knowledge.


Posted on August 15, 2014 .