Humbled and inspired by process

Deb Baker is an observer, dreamer, idealist, poet and artist who loves as she lives with passion and without fear. When Deb paints she is completely humbled by the process. Working primarily with acrylics, she has begun to experiment with other media. She enjoys the results of these early attempts.

I love the process of painting. Each new work takes me on a journey as I attempt to use the materials of my trade to help define my world. I am inspired by the wonderful world of nature and all that surrounds me.
— Deborah Baker

The subtle nuances of colours and textures of Deb's subjects allow her to convey an experience. She hopes her work is reflective of this and that the viewer is able to share in this brief snapshot. Never has her surroundings seemed so vast and herself so small.

Find Deborah's vivid acrylic art works at Artfest Toronto!

Posted on August 22, 2015 and filed under Paintings.