AfricVille Stone Art showcasing at Artfest Toronto!

"Africville was a black community within the city of Halifax, inhabited by approximately four hundred people, comprising eight families." -Source -

Founder of AfricVille, Chaka Chikodzi, carves traditional art that represents this small black community and continues to share his story and culture with many through his detailed stone art.

Take a walk on the rocky side!
— CBC News

Zimbabwe artist, Chaka, is back once again to showcase his cultural creations at Artfest Toronto this Labour Day long weekend.

Stone sculpture from Zimbabwe has been called 'Shona Sculpture', named after the largest tribe in Zimbabwe. This stone has played a fundamental role in the lives of Zimbabwean people for many generations, whether for building houses or creating sculpture.

It is quite fitting that the name Zimbabwe came from the Shona phrase, dzimba dzamabwe - meaning 'great house of stone'.

Did you know that the word Zimbabwe means house of stone?  In fact, Zimbabwe is renowned for its wide variety and abundance of volcanic rock.

Visit Chaka's website to see more of his stone work.  He will be exhibiting at Artfest Toronto, from Sept 4 - 7 at the Distillery Historic District in Toronto.  Chaka will welcome you and educate you about Zimbabwe stone art with open arms!

Posted on August 5, 2015 and filed under Sculpture.