Cris Cacioppo Pottery

Artist Bio:

Cris Cacioppo was born in Scarborough in 1987.  Less than 36 hours old, Cris lay in his bassinette with his hands clenched perfectly together under his chin. His parents were told that wasn’t possible for an infant.  It was at that moment that they knew that Cris’s fate was sealed as an artist.

Finding the right medium to manipulate and create did not happen overnight.  His post secondary education began with an IT program, followed by culinary school.  Still not satisfied, he applied to the Visual Arts & Design program at Sheridan College.  After completig his two yeat diploma program, he still hadn't found his ultimate passion.  His quest led him to the Sheridan Ceramics Design program and there hopefully begins the rest of his life as a potter.


Posted on August 11, 2014 .