S. Dias Arts incorporates up-cycled items in his artwork!

sdiasart_Hardwood Bench.jpg
sdiasart_Rocking Horse 2.jpg

S Dias Arts has been specializing in fine woodworking for over 30 years.  He generally focuses on the use of Ontario hardwoods and materials salvaged from up-cycled items such as old packing crates, pieces from building demolition and a variety of fallen trees.  He then converts these natural woods into one-of-a-kind stunning art pieces.  His work is truly green and unique in each piece he crafts.

Products crafted by S Dias Arts include serving trays, blanket chests, tables, bellows, rocking horses and benches.  Owner, S Donald Speller works to meld interesting woods and high-quality joinery (dovetails, splines, dowels, box joints, etc.) in the design and creation of his work which has both a pleasing form and useful function.

Find S Dias Arts at the upcoming Artfest Toronto show!  

Posted on August 18, 2015 and filed under Green Art, Other.