Mistura World


Concepts evolve through time with Mistura’s wooden wristwatches. The label’s nature-provoked ideology instills a higher echelon of fashionable wrist wears and contemporary watches through its legacy of quality craftsmanship, and commitment to the earth.

Eponymous of its hallmark signature, “to blend”, Mistura amalgamates the landscape of the rainforests uncompromised beauty with intricate design application of living and breathing textures, revealing nature’s innermost secrets into compelling, wearable art.

Action through art is Mistura’s approach to the dedication of creating awareness of our planets widespread environmental negligence through our hand crafted watches. Resuscitating the seeds of life, Mistura is the epitome of understated elegance that moves with the demands of today’s lifestyle, accompanying exotic woods and organic materials that radiate comfort couture and personify “Green” luxury.


Posted on July 24, 2014 .