Portrait of an Artist ~ Entwined2

Intrigued by wrapped fiber, artist Tamara Haberman/Entwined2, combines texture, colour and woven structures to create unconventional fiber-based work. Using wrapping techniques, filament and natural materials as the driving forces behind her work, Tamara creates wall pieces and sculptural basketry that evoke a sense of order, growth and beauty.

The final aesthetic is the result of wrapping or binding natural materials in synthetic and natural threads. Each wall piece, comprised of paper-paste painting and sticks wrapped in fibre, is at once spontaneous and intuitive, ordered and systematic. Tamara uses sticks found in everyday life: branches and twigs, chopsticks, dowels, matches and shishkabob sticks.

The process of wrapping each stick and contemplating its placement is a thoughtful, disciplined undertaking. Conversely, producing the companion paintings is a wholly spontaneous, intuitive process. By juxtaposing the two, and using colour as a unifying entity, Tamara evokes a sense of order and cohesion within the context of a process that is driven by instinct. Tamara’s pieces are small offerings. Through them, she hopes to release momentary notions of harmony, whimsy, growth and balance into a hectic and demanding world.


Posted on July 21, 2014 .