Toronto-crafted Tin Can Banjos at Artfest

Creator, Ross Stuart of Rosbilt TinCan crafts a line of groovy handmade musician quality instruments made from discarded tin cans.

How cool is that?  Drop by his booth this upcoming Labour Day long weekend for a live demonstration. His resophonic tin can banjos, ukuleles, and five string guitars are hand spun resonator cones, with a folded metal headstock and quality steel banjo strings.

Ross lives in downtown Toronto and builds these awesome instruments in a little shack in his backyard. He started ten years ago and is now entering his fourth professional year with the rosbilt TinCan instruments.  Made from discarded tin cans, these instruments are sure to turn heads while resonating sounds unlike any other instrument. How crafty. Check them out at Artfest Toronto this weekend.

Posted on September 5, 2015 and filed under Artfest Music, Other.