Portrait of Artisans ~ Josh & Allison Hill

It began with a bottle of wine, an old scroll saw, some scrap wood and an idea. One resourceful "doer" named Josh making one "idea generator" named Allison (that’s me) happy.

A simple tree silhouette motif evolved into the unique art we now love to make. Josh cuts the intricate root structure into live edge wood, and I paint the tree itself, finishing it with epoxy and reclaimed embellishments.

Each piece is immediately recognizable as a Rogue Goat artwork, while being absolutely individual,the idiosyncrasy of each piece of wood reflected in the scale and form of the painted image. Simple, evocative designs with an organic yet contemporary appeal.

That's us. Rogue Goat is Josh and Allison Hill. Josh still makes Allison happy. They live a messy, silly, crazy, lucky life with four pretty great kids in Eugenia, Ontario.

Posted on June 9, 2014 .