Portrait of an Artist~Out of Ruins


How it all began for Diane in her words:

It was a hot, humid, sunny, summer day and all I wanted to do was be outside playing in the garden. I had an old wooden window that I had salvaged from a landfill site that I thought could make a garden fence look more interesting. I had remnants of glass that was sitting in a box collecting dust when I thought the two items (window frame and glass) combined could be a clever idea. My first piece was called Gypsy Jewel and I have such fond memories of the color and texture of the design.

I knew I had found my passion, my joy. There was room for creativity, ingenuity and energy.  My strength of character drove me to dig beyond what already existed in the glass world and this allowed me to create a new art form. Every day was exciting and as I begin my 1t1h year in this world of art, I am thrilled to have Collectors throughout Canada and United States.
Posted on June 9, 2014 .