Portrait of an Artisan ~ Rachel F.


As Montreal is a city where paradoxes are defined by originality, the collection of accessories by the young artist Rachel.F. could not represent Montreal in a more tangible way. With harmonizing recycled materials as her leitmotiv, Rachel Fortin 's creations are like millions of rainbows in each and every lane of our city.

Her awareness of over consumption, as well as her affection for anything that looks like an alley cat, has led rachel.f. in using only old materials such as cast away clothing and production scraps in all of her collections. So we spend hours and hours destroying your old coats and jackets in order to create our lines of accessories. rachel.f.. doesn’t impose any limitation to her imagination however, two fundamental principles have established the foundation of her creation: recycling and local art production.

It’s by personal conviction and to preserve the integrity of her values that rachel.f. chose to use recycled material in her work. « I only use recycled animal skins and other materials that come from second hand clothes, production waste, and material samples that were not used from large manufacturers. Because we live in an over consumption world, we should take advantage of this opportunity to renew existing materials. », claims the young fashion designer.

Rachel also states that using local art production brings a high quality and a human side to her collection. According to Rachel, local production is inevitable. There was a time when Montreal could count on a healthy textile industry. The exportation of our local production is destroying the economy that was once blooming. Which means it is worth spending extra money in order to keep our local jobs. Our back alleys are filled with talent and rachel.f. is one of them.

Posted on June 9, 2014 .