Portrait of an Artisan ~ Olga G. Knitwear

Olga's Story:

Olga was born in Russia with fashion design in her heart. Working as a computer designer, she tried different style of arts to express herself and produce something people can enjoy. Olga created jewelry with combination of stones and leather.

She painted the famous around the world Russian Wood Dolls, called "Matreshka". But her truly dream has always been to open her own fashion studio. She wanted to create something special for us, women because WE deserve it.

After moving to Canada in 2002, Olga started to work in a small design studio as an assistant. Although she worked for others, she always had her own ideas how to combine glamour and cozy style for modern women. For 8 years she enjoyed doing the shows and helping women to find there own unique style. In 2011 her dream became true.

Olga opened her own studio! Olga designs clothes for modern women who wish to follow the latest fashion trends and prefer to dress each day according to their personality and feelings. Her motto is "If you need to choose between comfort and glamour, choose BOTH".

Posted on June 9, 2014 .