Portrait of an Artisan ~ Murial Duval

In Muriel's words....

I've fallen into beads by chance when a friend suggested to initiate me to the base techniques of stringing glass beads and copper wire twisting.  What started as a hobby quickly turn into a passion. 

During every minute of free time that I had ( and I worked a lot to create these moment of free time ! ), I was creating plenty of new jewelry, researching new concept, looking into new materials and different shapes.  I never created two time the same jewelry.  Each of them had to have their own personality.  In fact, I had found my medium but now my style.

Back then, after a few months of stringing, I started to get bored by the beads being sold at the arts and crafts shop.  Not enough choice and even worse, everybody could have the same thing as me.  Nothing original in itself.  One day, while surfing on the web, I found a class where they would teach us how to do our own glass beads.  The minute after, I was on the phone with the lady and reserved my place in the course.  Right after the first minutes of playing with my mandrels and my rods I already had fallen in love.  I started to learn my new craft by renting a burner and sitting behind it all day long.  I was so into it that a couple of time I completely forgot to eat. Yet my worst experience happened during this time.  Once back at home after a day behind the burner, I realised that I had a big stain right on my face and that I took the subway without looking at me in a mirror before leaving the place.  No wonder why everyone was looking at me !!!

This experience and the fact that I was now re-assured by the fact that I had fun playing with melting glass prompt me to buy my own equipment.  I surfed the web, did some shopping, ordered and had Alex build me a little studio.  Since then, I'm working from home whenever I feel like it and I work on improving my techniques day after day.  This is also a part that pleases me.  There is ALWAYS something to learn in beadmaking.  There is always a combination of colors that you haven't done yet.  It keeps you on the edge of always re-inventing yourself and push your learning curve.  Because of this, I can guarantee my clients of the unique character of each of my creations, beads or jewelry.

Strawberry Fields



Posted on June 6, 2014 .