Portrait of a Glass Artist ~ Moorehead Glass Art

Janice Moorhead, an honours graduate from the University of Ottawa’s Visual Arts program in 1979, is presently well known across Canada for her glass art. 

This glass work is entirely unique for two reasons.  The first is her vision....her approach to glass has always been through the eyes of a “painter”.  Secondly, and most importantly, is her technique....a “layering” procedure which she developed in 1985.

Shards of glass are sandwiched between two large panels of clear glass, creating the image without the use of distracting solder lines.  The heavy line of the soldered joint is no longer the main visual element.  The glass itself now dominates the field of vision! 

The edges of the glass shards, now exposed, are free to interact with the play of light, a light which is never stagnant, but forever in a state of flux, depending on the season or time of day. The body of work created over the past 21 years can best be described as an extraordinary blend of visual aesthetics and narrative. 

From the smallest “gift item” (6" X 6") to the larger public commission (2' X 7'), this glass art, while constantly evolving, has always had the same “reason to be”....and that is....”to bring joy” Janice lives in the beautiful Gatineau Hills, in Quebec, 30 minutes north of Ottawa, Ontario.

Moorehead Glass Art will be exhibiting at Artfest Kingston from July 1st to 4th, this Canada Day long weekend!  

Posted on June 20, 2015 and filed under Glass.