Portrait of an Artisan ~ Karizma

Fashion jewellery and steampunk of crystal, glass & stone beads, wire, sterling silver, chain, hand-painted and patina'd brass and copper made from found a variety of interesting objects, resins and unique watch parts.

Karla's Story:

"I started making jewelry nearly 40 years ago. I'd gone into a boutique that sold hand crafted items. Saw a pair of wire earrings and desided to make some myself. I was not working. My daughter was a baby. At that time the only kind of tools available were from a hardware store. I bought beads from a dime store, used stainless steel black wire another words bailing wire and did my first craft show a couple of monthes later. I'm self-taught and have been making my living at this ever since."

Join us at ArtFest Toronto this Labour Day weekend and check out their assorted collection of fashion bead jewellery.


Posted on June 5, 2014 .